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Dear Valued Customers,

SHL VN CO., LTD would like to send the most sincere greetings to our Valued Customers.

SHL VN CO., LTD is a special distributor of SHL Asean in Vietnam - an affiliate of the leading lubricant company SHL Co., Ltd in Korea. We are honored to provide all kinds of industrial lubricants made of high-quality Korean base oil and other environment-friendly materials.

Variety of our products includes:

-       Cutting Oil: Water Base/ Neat Cutting Oil

-       Drawing Oil

-       Oil Based Rust Preventive

-       Heat Treatment Oil

-       Water Soluble Cleaning Oil/ Neat Cleaning Oil

-       Industrial Oil: Power Oil, Gear Oil, Machine Oil, Spindle Oil, Compressor Oil, Heat Transfer Oil

-       Rolling Oil

-       Engine Oil

-       Lubricants of other kinds

SHL VN CO., LTD’s commitment is to bring to our customers the trust in our products, the trust in our service and the trust in our partnership.

We look forward to your kind attention and long-term cooperation!

Yours sincerely,




General Director

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