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» Is it true that the thicker the oil, the better it is for machines and engines?

Dầu nhớt càng đặc thì càng tốt cho Máy Móc & Động cơ ?

Did the high viscosity are good quality oil?

Many customers and oil are thicker, the higher the viscosity index is the better oil is a mistake. Not only engine oil, but also other lubricants such as gear oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil... oil with a high viscosity is of high quality. It was a completely incorrect viewpoint. Lubricants for machinery and equipment, as well as automobile engines, must be chosen based on weather conditions, operating characteristics, and working conditions...

However, weather conditions in Vietnam are becoming increasingly harsh; the winter is colder, and the hotter summer is no longer a viable option. The viscosity is selected to suit the weather and/or the engine's operation feature..

To ensure the ability to seal the machine parts on old motorcycles, a high viscosity (50) should be used. To reduce friction and save fuel, new motorcycles should use a lower viscosity (40). The viscosity should be 30 or 40 for the scooter

New models of industrial machines should use low viscosity hydraulic oil, such as hydraulic oil 32 or hydraulic oil 46. Hydraulic oil with a high viscosity, such as hydraulic oil 68, should be used in older machines.

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