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A "companion" in sports shoe products and a "spice" in the industrial rubber industry.

SHL P150 is an odorless product made from precision hydrogenated refined oils.


 *Extremely good oxidation stability

 *Excellent depolarization ability

 *Exceptional longevity

 *Outstanding economics

 *Excellent abrasion resistance


Quality criteria Method  
Status - Light yellow transparent
Density (15/4 ℃) KSM 2002 870
Viscosity (40 ℃, CST) KSM 2014 29.50
Flash point (℃) KSM 2010 210
Special crowd (℃) KSM 2016 -20
Corrode copper    
(100 ℃ / 3hrs) KSM 2018 1

  • Processing Oil - SHL P150

In addition to SHL's Mineral Oils Korean brand

Processing Oils is formed from mineral oil as well, and its appearance is designed to aid in the creation of rubber items such as plastic pipes, shoes, mold products, vehicle tires, transportation facilities, and even aviation tires...

* With remarkable characteristics:

1) No unpleasant smell

2) Reduce Rubber Viscosity and Improve Flexibility

3) It simplifies the process of mixing and pressing rubber


- Excellent Oxidation Stability

- Excellent deodorizing ability

- Life expectancy

- Economical and really effective 

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