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Cutting oils reduce erosion and abrasion between tool and material during metal machining, and also enhances tool life, improves surface roughness and machining accuracy. Different cutting oils are chosen depending on equipment, machining process and material condition. Cutting oils are largely divided into either soluble or neat types according to their composition and method of use. Soluble products are once again divided into Emulsion, Semi and Synthetic types, while neat products are divided according to content and type of extreme pressure additives.

  • Water Based Cutting Oils
  • Emulsion Type
  • Semi Type
  • Synthetic Type

SHL SAMSOL EF 150H water phase cutting oil is used in cutting and grinding processes for iron or steel alloy materials

* Advantages:

- Environmental friendliness

- Excellent lubrication

- Good emulsion stability

- Machining by grade from 3% to 15%


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