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There is a special oil for forklifts in Industry CI-4 Type & CF-4 Type:

SHL engine oil is a multigrade, heavy-duty SHL engine oil that meets the API CF grade, extending oil change intervals and preventing piston and cylinder wear. When compared to other engine oils, it keeps the engine clean and provides superior corrosion resistance.


* Longer oil life due to anti-oxidation properties, resistance to deposit formation, and good temperature stability to help protect the engine

* Aids in the prevention of oil thickening and the formation of harmful solid deposits in all areas of the engine, including sludge and piston solid deposits. Enhanced detergent additive system.

* Acid and corrosion control

* Engine wear is reduced due to the enhancement of dispersant, anti-wear additives under various engine operating conditions, which form a thin layer at metal contact surfaces when necessary. and disperses carbon deposits to aid in the dispersal of these deposits to aid in the prevention of wear



* Heavy duty diesel engines used in trucks, buses, and tractors
* Engines that must emit low levels of pollution in accordance with EURO standards
* Engines that require API-compliant oils
* Diesel engines necessitate longer oil change intervals.


  • Diesel Engine Oil

Silk Turbo Road Product Oils is a multigrade diesel engine oils, suitable for turbocharged or normally aspirated turbochargers.

Used for civil engineering machines, trucks, buses, ships, industrial forklifts...   

* Advantages:

- Features that clean and keep the engine running for in long times

- Heat resistance in extreme conditions

- Reduces filter clogging for exhauts gas treatment systems

- Anti-oxydation, anti- corrosion 


Product Weight Viscosity
Index Flash
Silk Turbo Road 15W40 0.87 14.7 130 ≥220 -24 For Engine Oils
Silk Turbo Road 20W50 0.87 19.3 124 ≥245 -24


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