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The SHL Gear Oil Series can be applied to a wide spectrum of different equipment such as various closed-type speed reducers, splash lubrication type large gears and circulating lubrication type high-load hydrostatic pressure bearings. It is a high-purity base oil with carefully selected additives such as sulfur-containing extreme pressure agents, and can effectively protect equipment from extremely high loads.
The SHL Machine Series consist of carefully selected base oil which can be applied to various industrial equipment purpose. It has a wide range of viscosity with oxidation stability, wear-resistant, corrosion protection and lubricity.
The SHL Synthway Series can reduce the coefficient of friction and raise performance by making a combination of the selected lubricant base oil and additive system. It can protect parts by improving sliding surface performance and increasing the accuracy. As a lubricant for machine tool, it is a balanced product with excellent anti-wear performance, adhesion and lubricity.

  • Gear Oil
  • Grear Oils 220
  • Gear Oil
  • Machine Oil
  • Spindle Oil

LUBCHEM Industrial Grease is a Korean brand heat-resistant grease that is widely used in the factory to lubricate bearings, bearings, chain systems that need to be lubricated, sealed shafts, and gears....

It may also be used in the electric car industry in the future to lubricate bearings and bearings in vehicle systems...

Lubchem Greases include Multipurpose Mineral Oil Grease and Lithium Thickener

Currently available industrial greases:

- LUBCHEM SB 6021 - 6022 - 6023 EP has a heat resistance of up to 130oC when the new grease is continuously given the point of friction



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